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    Represent The Quality Of Your Brand With Our Australian Made Paper Bags

    Your business was born to be different. So let us help you stand out.

    Gispac specialises in manufacturing stock and custom printed biodegradable paper bags and packaging solutions for businesses who are passionate about their brand. Our potential to customise packaging is unlimited and our reach is endless.

    Whether you’re a Melbourne café looking for the perfect takeaway packaging for your customers or a Sydney fashion label searching for upmarket branded bags that reflect your business’ identity, we specialise in catering to your needs and deliver all around Australia.

    Flat satchel and flat handle paper bags by a boutique Sydney manufacturer

    We proudly provide Australian businesses with unique and high quality and environmentally-friendly branding solutions at wholesale prices, as most of our bags are biodegradable.

    Our packaging suite extends across any and all industries, including takeaway coffee cups and café supplies, so be sure to have a browse of our full range.

    Why biodegradable?

    In an effort to be more environmentally-friendly, more businesses, customers and cities are choosing to go plastic-free, keeping these harmful products out of our landfills and waterways. You don’t have to sacrifice the prominence of your branding or your company’s dedication to always providing an exceptional quality product when you make the switch. Gispac supports businesses across the country by offering a range of stylish and eco-conscious products. Buy Australian made brown paper bags (provided with handles or without) and minimise your organisation’s impact on the planet.

    Enhance your brand’s prestige with our wholesale stock & custom made paper bags

    If you’re in Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere around Australia, please don’t hesitate to give us a call with regards to any questions about our range of stock and custom options. Call us directly on 1300 850 101 or leave us an online enquiry, and we’ll be pleased to hear from you.



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