Your Customers Aren't Looking for a Fling [Infographic]

Building relationships with your customers takes time.

And unlike the romantic comedies we’re used to; a lot of dedication, attention and commitment is required of you to convert your customers to brand loyalists. 

Nowadays, brands are more than just “what people think of a company”

And no longer is it about making sure your customer is only ‘satisfied’ about your product or service.

According to research, 3 in 4 customers are looking for long-term relationships with brands that recognise and appreciate their commitment.

A lot of a brands' efforts have a sole purpose of capturing the hearts and minds of consumers; which means developing an emotional connection and feeding their desire to feel secure, stand out from the crowd or come closer to being the people they want to be.

To reassess your relationship with your customers, here is a humorous, but impressive infographic curated from Responsys.



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