Why Paper Bags Are A Game-Changer For Your Business

There are a few compelling, and perhaps surprising reasons why you might have noticed a rapid increase in the use of recyclable and environmentally-aware paper bags. Most of us would attribute this surge in paper bag use as a simple step towards more sustainable business practices. The truth is, businesses who opt for paper bags over plastic, are benefiting in more significant ways than one.

Understanding Customer Demands

Plastic bags have been under all kind of scrutiny for many years now, however, the movement to ban these bags has picked up quite strongly in recent times. With some states actively discussing a permanent ban, in the hope of following in the footsteps of other states; businesses are increasingly under external pressure to finally make the move away from plastic, for good. The majority of this pressure is driven by a company's very own consumers, who are starting to feel the need to boycott brands that refuse to meet their sustainability expectations and demands.

The primary concern here is the fact that plastic remains in the environment for a seemingly infinite amount of time, causing serious damage to our marine life in particular, who often mistake plastic bags for food. Take a look at this video of fishermen removing a plastic bag from a whale’s face, which has sparked outrage and has added fuel to the plastic bag ban movement.

Instead, paper bags can be recycled and withdrawn from the environment without causing long-lasting effects, thanks to biodegradable materials. Customers who leave the store with a paper bag become a lot more confident with their purchase, and the business, since paper bags marry Eco-sustainability extremely well with strength and comfort in the hand. Thus, paper bags have the ability to increase your competitive advantage, where customers are more prone to shopping with an organisation who recognises their demands, right down to the very bag they stock.

Local Reliability and Support

Speaking of stocking bags; can you think of a more frightening circumstance than handing your customers their bag-dependent products with nothing to carry them in? Sounds disastrous, but some of the biggest problems with off-shoring your carry bag supply is ensuring reliability and timeliness of delivery, which can be questionable at any moment, especially during peak season.

Paper bags, which are 100% Australian-made with FSC-certified Australian paper, deliver a two-fold benefit to your business when compared to bags bought off-shore. First, Australian suppliers offer local proximity and a deeper understanding of the local logistical network, which means they can deliver your paper bags when you need them most. For further piece of mind, your business is backed by a local and dedicated support team, who are available during  business hours most suited towards you.

Secondly, your customers will absolutely love the fact that your business supports local jobs and buys Australian, since 88.5% of consumers are more likely to buy Australian-made products, which can include Australian-made paper bags. Thus, choosing a Australian paper bag supplier for your paper bag needs, can keep your business performing without hiccups before, or after, checkout.

Preserving the Aesthetics

One pet-peeve you may have with paper bags, especially environmentally-aware brown craft bags, is that they look  ‘earthy’ or dull, and fail to project your brands' extravagant colour scheme. This thought surprises us the most, since it is almost entirely possible to make your paper bags look amazing, if not more appealing than your current plastic bag range.

We’ve worked closely with businesses to supply some show-stopping paper bags over the years, continually showing that paper bags are the better alternative to plastic. This is because we’re able to offer beautiful and limitless designs on our environmentally-aware paper bags, thanks to ingredients such as a water-based inks and water-soluble glue. By understanding your needs to project your brand personality in an attractive and engaging way, there is really no limit to how aesthetic your paper bags can be.


Businesses are starting to realise that paper bags are capable of looking more aesthetic and appealing that plastic bags; can be delivered a lot faster and reliably to preserve stock levels in store; and of course, can reduce the potentially devastating impact on our environment. We guess all that’s left is to start the conversation with us, so you can start benefiting from the wonderful world of paper bags, right away. Give us a call on 1300 850 101 today for a free chat about your paper bags and how we can help.


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