3 Reasons Why Brands Need To Give More Thought To Packaging

Two seconds.

In the retail and hospitality marketplace, that's all you get to stake your claim on your customer.

Not only are you fighting to grab the attention of the customer within these two seconds, you're also competing with thousands of other brands trying to do the same thing.

The functions of modern day packaging goes beyond containing, protecting and preserving your products. Product packaging is the face of your brand. And through packaging, you'll be given the perfect opportunity to build and enhance your brand's image. 

“In the absence of any other marketing messages, our packaging – comprised of the trademark, our design, colour and information – is the sole communicator of our brand essence. Put another way – when you don’t have anything else – our packaging is our marketing.”

Here are 3 reasons why branded packaging should be given more thought in the pursuit to enhancing your brand's perception.

1) Packaging is an expression of your own unique brand identity

An important aspect of a building a brand's identity is unifying its positioning with the design of the packaging. Whether you're a Luxury Health and Beauty company, or a mass-produced commercial paint business, most brands know a Packaging's power to project and impact a brand's image. A distinctive design and the unique functionality and material of the packaging can help engage the consumer, and differentiate your brand amongst the crowded market.

2) Packaging is another easy way to build a relationship with your end-user

When you hand over the consumer your product, the buying experience does not stop there. The user experience extends beyond the point of purchase; and this is where packaging can play part into building and nurturing a relationship between brand and the end user. 

If your product packaging is aesthetically pleasing, or if it makes the consumers' everyday life simple and a lot more easier, you can encourage and instil loyalty into your customers (or soon-to-be brand advocates!) Packaging can also open doors of opportunity for increasing the amount consumers are willing to pay for your product.

3) Packaging is your Silent Communication Tool

When words fail, packaging speaks. 

Packaging brings emotion to brand messages; and while a company's packaging should always carry brand messages, it must also communicate the essence of the brand. 

A good package design should make information easy to find and digest, whilst also living up to the aesthetic expectations of the end user. As mentioned before, customer's love when brand's make their life easier - minimising frustration and confusion can go a long way towards building customer loyalty.

At the same time, consumers also look for packaging that can tell a story; something that can intercept with their lifestyle, and identify what they like about the brand.

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