Something Revolutionary Has Landed In Australia

The most affordable card payment reader launches in Australia and is growing in popularity among the small business sector.

Square is your smallest, most mobile and most affordable credit card reader to help empower you and your business in the most unprecedented ways. 

Square Reader is simple and intuitive for customers to use, and it reinforces that I’m a modern-technology-focused business.

Thanks to Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey, the iconic card reader simplifies commerce for retailers and cafes for just $19. Square only takes a 1.9% transaction fee locally, with no monthly fees or other charges to use the Square service.

"They don't have any solution in the market which provides a holistic view of their business and sales" Ben Pfisterer (Square Manager in AU) said.

The Square Reader fits into the headphone jack of an Apple or Android device. It allows businesses to surpass the good ol' days of jammed printers, and immerse themselves in a realm of digital technology that delivers receipts via email or text message. 

The Square reader comes with a free Square Point Of Sale app designed with the needs of businesses in mind, with suitability ranging from cafes to bars, tradies to photographers, food trucks to market sellers, retail stores and many more.

This app allows you to:
  • Accept debit and credit cards with Square Reader
  • Track all of your sales in one spot
  • Print kitchen tickets, receipts and coffee bar order stubs
  • Customise taxes and discounts and,
  • See deposits in your bank account in 1-2 business days.

"It's quite popular with restaurants, bars and other venues which want to accept card payments at tables – things become much easier once every waiter is issued with a card reader so they don't need to wait their turn to use the business' sole mobile payments terminal."

To read more about Square, visit their website to find out how you can get started.

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