Top 6 Trends In Packaging Design 2016

The nature of the Packaging Industry is ever-changing; there are perpetual shifts in consumer expectations, where possibilities are endless in terms of technology and innovation. As the trends of packaging manoeuvre in-line with global packaging innovation; it’s important for companies to manifest their brand in the right direction.

With few short months left of the year, we're rounding-up the Top 6 Packaging Trends Of The Year.



One might say ‘less is more’ and we tend to agree. Sometimes, when we think about minimalism, we associate this with reducing the functions and/or components of a design. On the contrary, this concept revolves around not condensing the design, but to embrace simplification and clarification. Thus, when attempting to become subtle, your brand and its packaging design can communicate a sense of trustworthiness, authenticity and credibility.



Similar to minimalism, the over-arching goal of the geometric elements is to ease the mind of an overwhelmed customer. The use of circles, triangles and geometric shapes in graphic design has been a common trend for the past few years; even more so a trend that well-existed in the 1980s. It is the emergence of limited but effective use of basic colour palettes (such as pastels and monochrome) to provide a versatile, illustrative and colourful theme to your brand.


Image: Scandinavian Design Group

A way to communicate sentimental value through your packaging design is to not necessarily re-use old-fashioned and outdated elements per say, but instead modernise the old school, which adds contemporary appeal to your packaging. A pivotal point of difference is the use of calligraphy and vintage shapes to convey an innovative yet old fashioned, packaging design.


Image: Masquespacio

The use of reusable, recyclable and paper-based material is a well-versed trend that is gaining momentum, due to increased favoritism of ethics and sustainable practices by consumers. Creating a package that demonstrates company ethos and culture, and communicates your brand's love for Earth and it's inhabitants will develop a positive impression for your brand and catapult it's like-ability in the customer's eyes.


Image: Chris Zafeiriadis

Being able to convey the story of your brand with visual design is an important element to communicating quality and being able to relate to your customers. This is all about finding your brands voice, to further illustrate your unique brand personality and brand persona. Experiment with humorous, fun and somewhat intellectual elements to your design to keep your customers on their feet and interacting with your brand.


Image: Ben Sherman

Who doesn't love a little bit of detailing? This trend emphasises the experience for your customer – by allowing them to engage and further capitalise on the unique qualities of your packaging design. Foiling, engraved letterpress, and incorporating woolen handles for your retail bag are all examples as to how you can evoke attention to detail, as well as a sense of prestige and authenticity about your brand.

Are you keeping up to date with the latest trends? Stay tuned for the upcoming Packaging Trends to look out for in 2017. As always, feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you stay ahead of your competition today.



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