Nail Your Next Event With These 5 Key Trends

Retail and culinary trends reinvent themselves every few years, but there is one particular trend that remains an important beacon to industry triumph.

Whilst a handful of useful traditional forms of advertising are becoming, well, not-so-useful anymore, events marketing remains one of the trendiest, most effective and impactful strategies in the industry.

Recall the time you were enticed to purchase an up-sized McDonald's soda drink for the Monopoly sticker - how tempting was it?

Events marketing gives your business the opportunity to leave a lasting, brand-focused impression that your potential customers can resonate with - especially when we bring tools, such as Snapchat, into the equation.

In your voyage to making your next event the most extraordinary, here are five trends that could be an overall event game-changer in 2017!

#1 Engagement is your Holy Grail

It's time to abandon our sales pitch and really focus on the 'nitty-gritty's' of deep interaction with your target audience in a genuine, exciting way. Put the consumer up-front and center, and find out exactly who your customers are, how they think and how you can emotionally have an impact on them.

No longer do we have to stomach the fact that customers 'might' purchase our product.

It's about time we start knowing they are going to purchase, and they are going to be recommending your product to their friends and family.

#2 Is your Buzzword 'Experience' or 'Event'?

A growing trend recommended by industry experts is dumping the word 'event' with a more emotional and attention-grabbing term - 'experience'. 

There's a good reason behind this change. When we use the term 'events', we're limiting the potential of excitement that buildup the hype for attendees.

The word 'experience' captures the captivating experiences surrounding the event, and provides users the opportunity to form online communities to interact before, during and after the event. A good example is Anime at Abbotsford, a Sydney-based Anime-Comic store who hold numerous events catering to the cosplay community they have built entirely from their Facebook page.


#3 A shift from Give-Away "stuff" to Give-Away "experiences"

Everyone loves free goodies, who doesn't? But you will notice that there has been a substantial shift in consumer trends.

People are abandoning the enjoyment of "things" and shifting to the enjoyment of experiences instead. The science is here, take a look!

There has been a logical assumption that people are happier with objects than a one-off experience of a concert or holiday - merely because they last longer.

Research has proven that this theory was false. Marketing professionals are closely following this trend of spending their money on providing experiences for their target customer in return for their attention. So rather than offering your customers a free t-shirt or several key chains, why not offer a free meal from a nearby restaurant? Or perhaps, free admission to a zoo? A Justin Bieber concert?

#4 No time for neglecting ROI (Return On Investment)

Alright, so let's say your event is over, your guests are gone and the dust has settled. Now, it's time to dig deep with the event data and overcome one of the many challenges of an organisation - determining ROI (Return On Investment)

This basically measures how successful your events marketing efforts were.

In actuality, there are many factors to consider when measuring ROI - it's no surprise that it's a multi-faceted job.

It's not going to be easy, however there are a handful of methods to determine whether your event has produced the results you desired. Prior to the event, during, and post event surveys, mobile app data, social media analytics and registration systems are tools that can be used to compare the actual outcome with your desired results.

#5 Unlock the power of Snapchat and Geo-Filters

In 2016, the wave of Snapchat, as a means of promotion, took the industry by storm.

Snapchat has implemented on-demand geo-filters for businesses, and people, to customise and promote their own event. Behind-the-scenes videos of events, such as the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, is an example of exploiting the advantages of the underutilized platform.

The Geo-filter allows for the use of branding such as business names, business logos, and other promotional content to be displayed for the ordinary Snapchat user. The distance of on-demand geo-filters can vary between 20,000 and 5 million square feet, and provides insight into the usage and viewing of users to further help in your ROI endeavour.

For businesses like ourselves, this is a major step in the right direction.

Snapchat has proven enormous potential by making the event experience even more enjoyable for the people who are attending.

To read more about how it works, visit their website here.



We've said it before and we'll say it again - trends are important to always keep up with. In reality, there are going to be trends that disappear as quickly as they pop-up. It's important to always keep at your feet and thrive for every potential opportunity your business can take. Let’s make it happen.



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