Our Top 5 Picks For Valentines Day Packaging

Each year, a date on our calendar marks a day filled with romance, an abundance of red roses and a guilt-free indulgence of succulent chocolate. 

February 14th.

That's right, we're talking about Valentines Day. And for many of us, last minute Valentine's Day gifts are a common mistake we make every year. Despite the scurrying and hardcore hustling-and-bustling, it's important to never forget that the thoughtfulness of a heart-warming Valentine's gift lies within its presentation.

From the style of wrapping and tissue paper, to a beautifully red or pink-coated shopping bag filled with the classic Valentine's heart motifs, we have selected our Top 5 Picks of Valentines Day Packaging that stood out amongst the competition, and celebrated true love in the most colourful, festive way possible.

1) Starbucks

2) Beyaz Firin

3) Jackie Smith

4) Cartier

5) DIY Valentine's Day Gifts (Concept)


Brands are recognising Valentine's Day as a gifting-and-emotional-affair-galore. 

Each year, companies find more new ways to innovative its personalised touches to their offering to help customers express feelings of affection to their loved ones. Though it's not a new concept, bespoke and customised packaging becomes a central focus to enhance the gift-giving and gift-receiving experience from brand-to-person on this special day of the year. 

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