4 Key Trends That Will Drive Your Cafe Business

Calling all coffee-lovers and cafe's out there! There is nothing incomparable to the unbridled excitement we get when we grab our early morning coffee before work, right? Whether you're an Espresso Enthusiast, Soy Latte Specialist, or a Long Black drinker - it's time to uncover and debunk the myths of the Australian Coffee Industry that are transforming the Cafe industry, and what we've found will surprise you!

Despite our beloved infatuation and devotion over a cup of warm-loving goodness, Australia still ranks 42nd out of all countries in coffee consumption. According to Sydney Morning Herald, Australians instant coffee consumption is higher than freshly brewed coffee.

"There is no doubt that Australia has seen an incredible growth in its coffee culture over the past 20 or 30 years, the country is now our fourth-biggest market in dollar terms, but we still see Australia as an immature market" Giuseppe Lavazza

You might notice on your commute to work the vibrant and truly immersing coffee culture in the vast majority of the city. So yes, whilst the numbers involving Australian coffee consumption is still relatively low, the industry is growing rapidly like never before! An excellent article was written by Hospitality Magazine who explains, in depth, the '12 Month Snapshot of Australian Coffee Trends'. Here are the Top 4 Trends emerging in the cafe scene. 

#1 I'll Have A Latte, please!

Research tells us that the most popular hot drink  preferred by Australians is the Latte. 43% of Australians opt for Lattes; followed by 20% for Flat Whites, 12% for Cappuccinos, 5% ordering Long Blacks and 4% for Espressos. Hot Chocolates, filter coffees and other specialty beverages classify as the remaining 16% of the Australian population.

Whilst a latte is considered the most preferred type of coffee beverage in VIC, QLD, WA and NT, NSW and TA are more inclined to purchase Cappuccinos.

#2 Coffee-Drinkers are becoming more picky

With the rise of specialty cafes popping up beyond every street corner, some Australians prefer a specific type of coffee, mainly due to the aesthetics and presentation of the coffee and the coffee cup design itself. Felipe De Castro, manager of Sensory Lab at Bondi, says Sydney sider's prefer a good early morning coffee due to city heavy traffic. Milky take-away coffees are quite the norm in Australia, and uniquely designed take-away cups can add the cherry on top for those early morning heart-warming moments.

#3 A small size coffee cup is the most popular

A whopping 80.7% of small-sized coffees are sold at an average price of $3.91. In comparison, 18.1% of Australians are buying Medium coffee and 1.2% are purchasing a Large coffee (we'd prefer a larger sized coffee, though)

#4 8:00AM and 9:30AM are prime times

According to Square's infographic, Sydney coffee drinks energise their start of the day with their first espresso hit at 8:00am, while Melbourne-siders begin an hour and a half later. These times are optimal for your cafe business, with higher foot traffic coming in and out of your cafe in the early morning. These two cities have been mentioned because New South Wales and Victoria home the larger share of cafes and coffee shops than their population base would indicate.


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