These 5 Signs Will Make You Update Your Packaging

From the projects undertaken for work, the results of a marketing campaign, or even the dish you cooked for dinner the night before - there's always room for improvement and areas of re-evaluation. 

This is what happens with packaging.

While considered to be one of the most powerful tools in the marketing mix, it is also known to be the unsung hero of product sales. Packaging should be shown some love, especially as the realm of packaging design is always in dire need of makeovers due to the endless waves of packaging trends. 

So when is it time to refresh your packaging?

Let's have a look at five signs that will help you answer that question.

1) Your Competitors Have Revamped Their Packaging

When it comes to the ever-changing cycle of trends in design and packaging, it's always good to keep yourself on your feet to see what's changing, and who's changing with it. When you're tracking competitors, you might find that your competitors are jumping on the 'revamp-wagon'. 

It's time to reevaluate the packaging you're giving to your customers. 

Is your packaging on trend? After benchmarking your packaging against your competitors, is there a need for change?

Work with the strengths of your brand to plan your strike.

2) You Can't Remember The Last Update To Your Packaging

You remember you had planned a design for your packaging and you executed it quite well - but you can't pinpoint how long ago this was. Moments later, you realised that the last time you updated your packaging was six years ago.

A lot can happen in six years. While a lot of trends come and go between this time period, it's also important to note that an update to your packaging shouldn't be made out of an impulse decision. As mentioned by Fred Richards, marketers and designers should collaborate to carefully craft a packaging design that aligns perfectly with the strategic positioning of the brand and the consumer.

3) "Value For Money" 

If you've noticed that your current packaging has increased but the quality and the lead times remain the same, perhaps the packaging process you use now is no longer the most efficient option. If there's a slight inkling that the quality of your packaging does not make ends meet with the current price for your packaging, it may be time to look for alternatives that provide the best value for money, with a guaranteed built-for-quality that will impress your consumers.

4) You Wonder Why Your Consumers Aren't Sharing Your Packaging

A data-driven world gives us the answer to changes in consumer behaviour and the force behind it. Consumers are naturally wired to share information with one another, and with the introduction of social media, the customer experience game has been disrupted. When consumers share your packaging on platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram, you've automatically increased the reach to your audience on a whole other level. 

Customer experience is a big trend. It's important that your packaging leaves an impression enough to naturally have consumers share their experience online. 

5) Your Brand Message Is Lost

Your packaging is a vehicle that will uphold, reinforce and deliver what your brand stands for. If your brand message is lost, consumers forget to recognise, value and relate with you. 

Provide your design team an idea of the kind of packaging you have in mind that stays consistent with your brand message. From the font to the overall design, your packaging will need to reflect your brand message so that it seduces the customer, not cripple the potential to connect with them. 



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