How To Create The Ultimate Burger Experience

Once considered a simple and humble dish, the illustrious burger has been the face of taste-tantalising tranformation, where the good old days of lettuce, tomato and mayo as key components have been replaced by the fancy and the seemingly unknown.

Truffle Sauce, Triple American Cheese, Kim-Chi Mayo, and Maple-Cured Bacon in your selection of Brioche, Potato or Milk burger buns - the list; endless, and the choice; incalculable.

Everyday, we see new, visual spectacles driven to make our stomachs clear space for the beast before them, a testament to the wave of 'foodism' which has demanded such fanciful change. And we're not complaining.


Aussies have always taken a liking to burgers, where the more greasier it is, the better. However, with a perpetual shift in the mindset of consumers to live a more active and conscious lifestyle, the pursuit to really make those calories count has meant that burgers on the menu will without doubt, need to be absolutely worth it.

Sydney-siders in particular have had their senses unhinged, by the new wave of burgers. In fact, an entire community has been built around the love for burgers. The Facebook group, 'Fatties Burger Appreciation Society (FBAS)' became a cult of 70,000+ pure burger lovers to share their admitted juicy affection for the heavenly dish.

Drawing inspiration from the notable Bar Luca (famous for earning their place in the 'Hall of Fame' for their Blame Canada burger) or the polarising Mary's burger; the future looks incredibly bright for innovative restauranteurs seeking to enter the burger scene.

Burgers are among the top three cuisines in 90% of over 110 cities where it operates in Europe, Asia and Australia, online food delivery company Deliveroo says. 

Whilst customers draw a hungry eye to gourmet ingredients and delectable aesthetics of their burger, there is a major challenge associated with creating the ultimate burger experience outside of the restaurant.

The more bulkier and complex the burger is, the more risk involved in preserving the burger and it's ingredients throughout transport.

Covered by The Wall Street Journal, the perfect burger packaging is a central focus for delivery service Deliveroo and the restaurants it works with. 

Nick Green, head of UK sales for Deliveroo, explains that few burger restaurants imagine the perfect way to bring a restaurant hamburger to the comfort of someone's home. It's simple - upper-end restaurants often don’t have much experience [...] because they haven’t traditionally delivered, Nick Green says. 

“The great new pop-up restaurant near you probably hasn't considered the thermodynamic properties of burger packaging,”

Let's be frank. No-one wants to bite into a dismantled, soggy mess - especially when it's the only thing you've been looking forward to all day.

Unfortunately that becomes the reality for some burger joints. The soggy-bun-syndrome is a central problem that puzzles chefs, home cooks and everyone in between.

So how can we save the thick, succulent burger from becoming a mushy disappointment?

To the customer, your burger can be sufficiently rated by elements of presentation, warmth, taste and value. 

Maintaining its presentation would be through the corrugated cardboard box - a delivery container able to keep burgers intact, and to its plump shape. The ultimate goal here is to deliver an experience close to restaurant-dining, at home.

In this scenario, the soggy mistake happens when the box is completely sealed. The aim here is to keep your burger warm, but we also don't want it to cook and steam itself inside until it becomes an unpleasant and soggy disaster. Small air vents prevents overheating, and avoids creating a mini sauna for the burger.

Another keystone to creating the ultimate burger experience is the prevention of spillage and leakage through grease-proof paper. Wrapping your burger in one of these helps the customer grasp the burger's warmth in the hand, whilst the burger remains dense and hot.

Eating a burger wrapped in grease-proof paper also supports the burger structure; keeping the inventive condiments and sauces contained inside the burger to create a juicy eating experience.

BURGER TIP: Custom-printing your grease proof paper as a reflection of your brand leaves a memorable first impression for your customers. Your delicious burger is what will make them come back, but your brand is what will help them bring their friends too.

Packaging your burger takes time and precious space, Dave Bone (chef at Scottish restaurant Mac & Wild in Central London) says.

More extreme burgers, Mr. Green says, heavier with ingredients that tower in height are recommended the old-fashioned tooth-pick skewer to hold everything together.

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To add versatility to your burger packaging, you'd need a bag built for handling the juiciest burger on offer for your restaurant. Brown Kraft paper bags allow customers to better grip the burger packaging for easier transport and convenience.

According to research, 8 out of 10 guests enjoy adding their own condiments to their burger. In an age of consumer empowerment, it's important to customise your brand. Engineering the ultimate burger experience requires the ability to tailor your customers experience to evoke something that is unique, and relatively flexible.

Customers thrive for the desire of choice and an element of surprise; whether they choose to dine in or take-out. Creating monster success not only begins with crafting a delicious burger; it involves connecting with your customer in more ways than just taste. 



The burger, as we know it, is being reinventing every day, and so too are the ways they're being packaged. 

To create the ultimate burger experience outside of the restaurant though, your packaging will make all the difference. Biting into a thick, succulent burger can be life-changing, so make sure you create the experience, outside of the natural burger environment.

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