"The Discovery Store" – Your Next Best Retail Brand Strategy

Dyson, Google, Microsoft and Telstra – they all have one thing in common.

They’re all players in the industry that are experts in nailing that ultimate first impression when customers walk into their store.

Now joining the players in the field is Ford, who recently launched its new hub experience in NYC’s busiest transit hubs: Oculus.

Whilst flagship stores have always been a physical beacon for retailers to showcase their full offer and brand story, discovery stores go a step further.

Visiting Ford’s Discovery Store (aka ‘The Ford Hub’), you’ll receive a ‘Ford Hub Card’, which then activates the interior installations and saves their experience on-line. Inside the Ford Hub you’ll find interactive exhibits, both analogue and digital, with its centerpiece featuring a kinetic mobility sculpture that uses marbles to show multi-modal traffic.

At the back of the Ford Hub, a seemingly made-for-Instagram wall acts as a mounted installation of 5000 Ford die cast vehicles, each illuminated with LED lights that react to visitors walking by. 

Nowadays, retailers are beginning to invest heavily into their store staff to be a part of the experiential brand touchpoints of the store; bringing in experts of the industry to educate customers with additional knowledge and education. While a Discovery Store aims to be the epitome of all things innovation, bringing in experts of the industry can foster and maximize the influence that the bricks and mortar experience can have on a customer.

While nothing is currently sold in the Ford Hub, Discovery Stores like these are usually about cementing a powerful and strong statement, whilst creating an environment to leave customers feeling immersed within your space.

Dyson, Google, Microsoft, Telstra and now Ford - these brands are utilising the power of a bricks and mortar space to show the possibility about the future of retailers and flagships, and defining what it means to be ‘experts’ in the field. With so much accessibility to product features and benefits online, as well as the ever-growing power of product reviews, Discovery Stores gives brands the opportunity to strengthen their point of difference and influence the marketplace.


As we begin to witness retail sectors becoming more saturated, and more products thrown into the noise of the market, it’s important to start re-evaluating whether it’s time to cement your positioning as the leader of your field (especially in the Australian market!) And without doubt, international entrants coming into Australia gives us every reason to begin focusing on the customer possibilities of our retail brand, and the benefits of ‘Discovery stores’ as a strategic direction for your business.


Inspired by Inside Retail



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