5 Ways To Create Mouth-Watering Food Packaging

The take-away food market in Australia is growing at an unprecedented pace, thanks to restaurant-quality cuisine becoming more readily available and delivered straight to customers via the influx of home delivery services.

In a market that is defined by brilliant quality, food businesses succeed by delivering a unique and memorable experience, to encourage the customers's return.

Often, crafting such an experience can begin right before the first bite. So to help you in creating a mouth-watering affair; here are our top 5 tips for food-packaging design.

#1 Create cravings with colour

Did you know salads look much more appetizing in a yellow box than a brown box?

Colours directly impact the overall experience with your brand and food offering, and do so in a heartbeat. 

Above is a convenient colour chart by Julie Neidlinger which highlights the basics of colour psychology, so you can pack more of a punch with your packaging. Use this as a general guideline in choosing the right colours to make a more engaging experience.

#2 Enhance convenience

With the hustle and bustle of commute to and from work, there is no spring of doubt that the majority of us are always on the go. Modern consumers desire food and their packaging to not only aesthetically stimulate their senses, but be convenient and easy to carry.

Take 81font (Péter Szendrő and Kristóf Pataricza) for example, who dynamically design their takeaway boxes into innovative and elegant food packaging, replicating match stick and cigarette boxes. The execution of their design is not only convenient, but also adds an excitement element to the experience.

#3 Promote continued use

Incorporating recyclable material to improve your sustainability and impact on the environment is a common demand, but why not give customers the opportunity to save their 'left-overs', instead of it going to waste?

Thoughtful design is all about the impact on the customer as it is on the environment, so if your package promotes re-use or continued use - you're on the right track for a positive impression.

#4 Communicate benefits

Incorporating text and key messaging is crucial in communicating quality and value with customers. This ensures your brand controls the impression and overall brand influence on the customer as soon as the package arrives in their hands, and remains right through until disposal.

#5 Engage your audience

A fantastic way to engage your audience whilst understanding exactly what they want, is to host a packaging design competition. By utilising Social Media and encouraging entries for what your packaging should look and feel like, your customers will feel a sense of inclusion in the design process and feel embedded within your brand, since their feedback is actively being heard.

Plus some of the best food packaging designs immerse from the most unexpected circumstance, so experiment and learn as much as possible from the process and your customers. When you have the chance, do a little window shopping at restaurants, cafes and grocery stores; and go while you’re the most hungry.


The basics of great food packaging are comfort, durability and design, which all combine together to bring out the best in your food. Finding a balance between all three and enhancing each aspect in line with consumer demands and trends, will see your food being remembered for the brilliant quality and passion it should be renowned for.

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