The 5 Most Powerful and Creative Coffee Cup Designs

For some of us, the mere thought of espresso gives us a sense of fulfilment and purpose first thing in the morning. And while we continue to froth over the thought of a warm cup of coffee as tool of survival for a long working day, we think the way a coffee cup is designed will leave you yearning for more.

According to research, the appearance of beverages can make people “see” flavours before they can actually taste anything. Crazy, right?

The enjoyment of caffeine is much more than how it tastes. Here are 5 of the most powerful and creative coffee cup designs that will leave you in awe with their unbridled creativity, and their ability to give you a ‘kick’ without the espresso.


The craze for marble is seen everywhere – now, they’re on coffee cups! And we’re super stoked to say this one’s from our home country, Australia.

Located in Melbourne, Victoria, Calia Emporium leaves a compelling long lasting impression through its use of a veiny stone renowned for solidity, classicism and hints of Ancient Greek and Roman architecture.


Toby’s Estate shows us that a simple coffee cup design just isn’t enough.

Transformed from an ordinary object to an original, bold piece of art – Toby’s Estates’ coffee cup collection focuses on individuality of the contemporary coffee culture we see today.

Unlike your ordinary paper cup, Toby’s Estate makes a statement of authenticity and ‘espresso-ing yourself’ through uniquely-crafted cup of coffee. 


A specialty coffee roaster in Melbourne, MMC Roasters serves as an inspiration for café’s around the world for delivering stellar designs of coffee cups to serve to locals. With the amount of café’s and coffee retailers in the market, MMC Roasters found creative ways to differentiate themselves through natural colours, and imprinting an impressive piece of art on their cup to draw the attention of the average coffee-indulger.


A new wave of coffee has hit the shores of Hong Kong, growing in popularity for its abundance of flavours and luring espresso aromas. Alvin Hui, owner of Sensory Zero, cares just as much about how a coffee tastes to how it’s made; balancing those two sides of his passion in his café. His devotion and passion in Sensory Eight is loud and clear, especially on the carefully-crafted, oriental-inspired coffee cup designs that emphasise the aromatics of freshly-brewed coffee.

5# Market Lane Coffee

Stamped on the shop window, and imprinted on the walls of the coffee cup is a slogan that we can all fall in love with. Born and based in the heart of Melbourne CBD, Market Lane Café dedicates itself not only their high quality coffee, but on the ability in delivering a café experience that makes the regular coffee-run a little more interesting.

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