The 4 Packaging Trends To Prepare You For 2018

You've seen the packaging trends that have dominated the year of 2017, but now since the new year is only an arms-reach away, we have our predictions that will better prepare your packaging strategy for 2018.

Here’s our predictions for some of the top packaging trends we can see on 2018’s radar to help you tell your brand’s story and get the results you desire in the new year.


Reports show that some brands fall short in impressing their online customers with their delivery of the packaging experience. Since more users are shifting towards online shopping, brands must be able to identify the opportunities and threats of the online packaging industry, especially against the likes of their competitors. Coming 2018, your branded packaging must become or remain an integral piece of the purchasing decision.


An ever-increasing phenomenon, packaging personalisation has been an ongoing trend through out the years, and it's not going anywhere.

Personalisation is a highly effective approach that allows the brand to create personal, one-to-one connections for instantaneous great first impressions.

Packaging personalisation provides a fun way for the consumer to feel involved in the brand story and the packaging production process.


With the industry becoming more focused in environmental sustainability, this trend forces you to come up with packaging solutions that are reusable in nature.  By enforcing the term "reusability" into your packaging, you will be able to achieve the latest milestones in sustainability for your brand.


Limited product editions, or even customised, allow a closeness and proximity image to the product. These themes coming towards 2018 will only become stronger as brands use limited-edition packaging and messages that encourage consumers to come together over shared experiences, shared stories, and the shared love of friends, family, and community. 

Creating a special or limited edition product or package shows consumers you’re listening and makes you a part of their conversation. It literally places your package design into their hands. This process, however challenging it may be for you, delights your consumers and builds a connection to your product. 

Here's to an exciting new year! Are you keeping up to date with the latest trends? Feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you stay ahead of your competition today. Please join us on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest to explore the very best of packaging across all industries.



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