The 2017 Restaurant Marketing Guide [Infographic]

From small pop ups, food trucks, to the large multinational franchise brands, the turbulence of the highly dynamic and competitive restaurant industry demands creativity and innovation.

And for the restaurant owners reading this right now, you'd know that it's a really tough industry to be in. 

With the industry gaining strong momentum through the promotional powerhouses of social media such as Instagram, it's incredibly important to incorporate a brand strategy that no longer just means updating your website, or handing out flyer's. With 80% of restaurant-goer's seeking reviews for venues online before visiting, we're talking about building a strategy that extends onto ongoing marketing, advertising, and orchestrating innovative strategies that will help grow your brand into new heights of success.

To Oddle, it's all about finding that 'Sweet Spot of Experience' in three areas of opportunities: The Dine-In Experience, Digital Presence and Offline Presence.

Here is an impressive infographic by Oddle that will help you find that 'sweet spot' in the restaurant space offline, online, and in-store.

Ultimate Restaurant Marketing Guide

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