Snapchat Vs. Instagram Stories: Which Is Best For You? [Infographic]

Both platforms share the same purpose - to provide value-adding content that will educate your audience, whilst also keeping them engaged with your business.

For small to medium businesses, there is always a battle brewing involving the decision to pursue Snapchat or Instagram; fighting for the position of 'Top Platform With The Most Shared Stories, Images and Videos'

However, a debate on this issue is not necessarily anything to fuss about. There is a proper fit for both Snapchat and Instagram to be placed into the marketing strategy. Depending on your business, these two platforms have their own distinct strengths and weaknesses that can pivot the growth of your business.

When comparing the two, we need to understand the unique differences and capabilities that can help determine where to invest your marketing time and budget.

Here is an impressive infographic curated by One Production that showcases the differences and similarities between Snapchat and Instagram stories.

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