Packaging Innovations & Insight: Episode 1

Isn’t it exciting to see your branding and marketing goals literally come to life?

We’re passionate about innovation and advancements in the packaging world, and excited by the ability to transform even the most ambitious of concepts into a package that businesses can hand to their customers, with pride.

Since the possibilities are endless, we thought we’d use this space to inform you of the latest and greatest in packaging innovations from around the world and how they can impact your business’s competitive edge. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Episode 1: A Packaging Design Built For 'Super-Influence'

As shoppers, our attention is often drawn to the objective at hand, whether that’s scoring a new iron from Bing Lee, or engaging in a good old-fashioned window shop. We rarely notice people carrying shopping bags unless they’re carrying something aesthetically-unique and eye-catching, or when they clearly need a trolley.

In terms of the aforementioned aesthetic of a shopping bag; the build quality and design, along with its associated messaging (‘SALE’ bags, we’re thinking of you) has the ability to not only drawn our attention, but influence our shopping objectives in a surprising and instant manner. In fact it goes without saying: a bag which is designed to grab our attention usually does so, particularly when it’s unlike something we’ve ever seen before.

Take for instance, this reusable brown paper bag.

Image Credit: Trend Hunter via Pinterest

We know that a uniquely-designed bag such as this can influence shoppers who pass it by. However, the levels of influence and the impact it can achieve far surpasses its primary and intended objective. We’ll refer to this effect as the ‘super-influence’ of packaging: the ability of a packaging piece to achieve multiple levels of influence and impact within a particular contextual environment. Let’s take a look at how this can take place.

As its primary use as a grocery shopping bag, the bag is intelligently-crafted to spread awareness of the growing hunger problem in New York. Since the front or main ‘face’ of the bag is a transparent area in the shape of a stomach, we’re able to digest (pardon the pun) the message seamlessly. Aside from its ability to spread awareness of the cause, which is targeted towards the ‘conscious’ shopper; this bag has two further persuasive abilities that could be of more significant influence than the first.

The transparent stomach effect is brilliant. Notice how the contents of this paper bag are predominantly fresh fruit and vegetables? Since the design is unique in the sense that it projects an X-Ray-like view of the stomach; the bag gives the phrase: “you are what you eat”, a fresh perspective.

People who are more committed to an active and healthy lifestyle would be able to showcase their nutritional decisions as if it was an extension of their ‘Activewear’. Nonetheless, this can encourage shoppers to make better decisions as they embark on their own grocery-shopping journey.

On the contrary, shoppers who fill their bags with chips, chocolate and soft drinks would almost be forced to re-evaluate their shopping decisions instantly, as they make the run to the car park to avoid the snickering and passing judgements of those passing by. Thus, the bag is able to bestow a multi-tier level of influence in a grocery-shopping-environment, thanks to its intelligently creative and contextual design, to impact the buying decisions of anyone within its vicinity (inclusive of the person carrying it).

Another level of influence which this type of bag design successfully taps well into is ‘intrigue’. The transparent/see-through area in the paper bag is akin to a movie trailer, where we’re able to see just enough of the movie to potentially warrant a ticket purchase. The slight peak into the bag, when multiplied by several shoppers carrying the same bag in the same area, is enough to ignite a serious case of ‘FOMO’, more maturely known as the Fear Of Missing Out.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been in a situation where our inquisition has been triggered enough to explore an opportunity to get a good deal or be ‘in on the action', whatever that might be. By the bag’s ability to deliver a mysterious preview of the actual purchase, shoppers with even the most bulletproof shopping objectives can be encouraged to visit the store, particularly when there are a large number of shoppers carrying that very same bag.

In conclusion, sometimes it's what’s in the bag that can be your business’s most valuable asset, particularly when you’re able to capture and influence the attention of passersby, through surprise, intrigue and design creativity. After all; who wouldn’t want their piece of packaging to become a brand advocate or ambassador, instead of ‘just another bag’?

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