Packaging For Brands - Masterclass

When you encounter people for the first time, impressions form instantly based on the visual cues that your face and body provide.

This is what happens when you hand over your customer your brands packaging. 

According to Marty Neumeier in his book The Brand Gap, “A retail package is the last and best chance to make a sale.” 

That’s why we often hear people preach “you never get a second chance at first impressions” because of their quick and inevitable lasting impact. The expectations that shoppers have for retailers to provide the ‘Ultimate Shopping Experience’ are ridiculously high; meaning that if the packaging doesn’t engage the user, chances are their eyes will wonder elsewhere.

According to research, 66% of consumers claim they would like to try a new product because of packaging, while 55% of consumers say they have tried a new product based off the aesthetic of the retail package.

So, when did packaging become as coveted as the object it contains?

In this article, we’ll explore the Art of Packaging and what Packaging means for brands – here is our masterclass.

Packaging Then VS. Packaging Now 

Changes in the Packaging Industry might not have been widely reported over the years, but it certainly had not gone unnoticed.

If you were a small business in the 1860s, packaging wasn’t an option for you – not unless you were within the luxury sector.

Between the 1920’s and 1940’s, “The Era of The Silent Salesman” slowly gained momentum for retailers and supermarkets as a dominant force that shifted consumer behaviour, and accelerated competition for retail chains. Since then, growing competition and continuous technological innovations shaped and solidified The Evolution of Packaging.

Little do people know, it took over 150 years for packaging to evolve into the carefully-crafted and artistically-valued artefact that it is today. 40% of consumers claim that a brand’s packaging influences their perception of the retailer, therefore influencing their purchasing behaviours.

Modern day packaging explores methods of visually communicating the value of a product and building brand equity to help reinforce what it means to your consumers and their lifestyle.

The rise of digital technologies in the latter half of the 20th century has opened an abundance of exciting opportunities for businesses to establish bespoke key identifiers and differentiators that trigger ESP’s (Emotional Selling Points) for an enhanced, and unravelling consumer experience. 

Getting Personal

The world of packaging is changing rapidly, and our expectations are keeping up with this pace.

The rise of digital technologies had not only transformed the way we see packaging, but the way we see ourselves. As consumers, we expect information to be given on a gold, personalised, shiny platter.

“We expect to be able to buy goods from a fashion store whilst we are relaxing in the bathtub; we expect online retailers to recommend products or brands we might like, based on our search or purchase patterns; we expect an app to locate stores wed like to visit as we walk through malls or down a high street. And we expect Google to change its logo every single daysays Strategy Director of JKR, Katie Ewer

Historically, the concept of brand design had been shackled from change, and was otherwise immutable. With the invention of digital print technology, packaging is as flexible, nimble and fast-paced as it can be and more. In tandem, consumer expectations are now incentivising brands and their packaging to be more changeable and more creative, targeted and individualised.

From personalised names off the “Share A Coke” campaign to little messages on postage satchels from Online fashion labels, packaging personalisation enhances emotional meaning; forming a personal bond between brand and consumer.

Brand Messaging and “Shareworthiness”

“Marketing is not a battle of products, it’s a battle of perceptions”

Packaging furnishes opportunities to share the clarity of unique brand messages. In the digital age, the intersection between brand messaging and packaging is tailored to engage and excite the old and newer generations.

A succinctly well-targeted message and bespoke packaging that permeates every aspect of your branding will organically strengthen the consumer experience, and in turn, offer the opportunity for a conversation to blossom between people, brands and objects.

This can otherwise be known as “The Art of Shareworthiness”

Just as pivotal as the power of packaging, the ability for the end-user to share their purchase on social networks has proven climactic in both the Retail and Hospitality sector. “Shareworthiness” as a key component to product packaging reminds us why first impressions and presentation means everything in retail and food.

Let’s admit it – the wave of digitalisation has brought out the selfish, obsessed “insta-junkies” out of all of us. Brands thrive off this social phenomenon.

Consumers are increasingly serving as brand ambassadors; capturing and capitalising on their ‘favourite purchases’. With an average of 95 million Instagram posts per day as an incentive, brands should break the conventional barrier and create innovative presentations to spur and encourage social engagement and content sharing (i.e. unique and branded hashtags, User-Generated Content)


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The Art of Packaging begins with the consumer. The moment you leverage the emotional connections between packaging and consumer, it will no longer be about price, packaging or communications – it’s all about your brand.

The way we view packaging design has fundamentally changed; and the boundaries between packaging and branded communications has merged. Through immersive digital experiences, the world of packaging has become responsive, agile, and genuinely personalised; allowing brands to extend the shopping journey beyond purchasing whilst simultaneously fostering brand loyalty.

The value is what lies inside the packaging – find out how our Finesse Range will unlock the full potential of your brands packaging.



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