Moschino Packaging REIMAGINED

You may think that this is your typical Moschino retail carry bag. It's got the logo, the bag structure, and everything right up to the rope handles. But do not let its looks fool you.

The image above is not actually what you would use to carry your shopping out the store.

A short, but astounding article was written by Design Packaging Inc. that showed us the bizarre fashion pieces Moschino released in their 2016 Resort Collection.

"From shopping bags, to sale tags, to receipts, Jeremy Scott’s pop-culture style stomped down the runway."

The theme centered around the negative relationship between consumption and the retail industry. Vogue spokesperson Maya Singer commented it was symbolic of "women commodify[ing] themselves, using branded clothes as a means to package their personal product"

Design Packaging Inc. shared their opinion that it was not rather the idea of commodification, "[but] rather shoppers not wanting to pay full price for garments"

Like most major corporate businesses, it is important to gain a disproportionate share of popular culture; ultimately creating conversation within your brand's community to survive in a social media-infested environment.

What do you think? Is it commodification or the decaying of the fashion retail industry because of the price sensitivity of customers?




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