5 Golden Rules of Limited Edition Packaging
For marketers, limited edition packaging is a way to capatilise on the fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) factor for their brands respective customers.

There is enough understanding that the use of this expression is, in itself, a brand strategy to increase memorability. However, there is a question that comes up to surface when we think of limited edition packaging - does the statement still excite us the way it used to, or are we becoming desensitised to this over-used term?


Now that we come into a day and age where brands clutter the market with their own versions of 'limited edition', the idea of spontaneity seems to be diminishing.

In fact, consumers are growing skeptical of the term and to some extent, losing trust in branded limited releases - and we're not surprised. Research tells us that approximately 90 percent of limited edition packaging fails to increase sales because it simply doesn't hit the mark.

It's not the be all and end all of limited edition tactics however. If executed carefully and invested properly, establishing limited-edition packaging can be a more compelling reason to purchase a new or exclusive version of a product.

In Dieline's article, the term 'limited edition' needed to earn back its rightful position as a concept that was newly-magnifying and innovative to create a special and covetable experience for the consumer.

So to ensure your packaging for a limited edition release is aligned to boost your efforts and create the buzz you're looking for, here are 5 golden rules to stay on top of your campaign:

#1 Remind us why we fell in love with you in the first place

It's about time you started embracing the unique characteristics that your customers originally fell for. Re-tempt your customers by not only heightening these characteristics, but also by fostering a more meaningful connection that balances a new sense of commemoration and celebration.

#2 Find ways to excite us with your future aspirations

Communicate your aspirations and show us what the future looks like for you. To drive the appreciation that your customer has for your brand, expand in areas that are innovative and impressive.

Take the success of Audi for example. When Audi released their carbon-fibre bike at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015, customers witnessed that the design shared similarities and qualities with the master car brand, fitting with the German manufacturer’s appearance and performance.

#3 Make us feel truly special for the unique and valuable relationship we have with you

Rob Dyrdek’s new limited edition shoe with DC is a beautiful example of exemplary packaging which complements its product and the fostering of relationship between the customer and brand. The additional limited edition t-shirt, with the individual issue stamp number, is a collectible in its own right.

#4 Tying in with Pop-Up Limited edition events

Push the conventional boundaries and innovate. Provide a unique perspective to your curious and inquisitive customers by challenging the status quo. For example, in its endeavour to differentiate itself, Footlocker promoted its new Triple Black Collection by creating a maze to immerse fans in complete darkness as they hunt for a pair of sneakers using only their sense of touch and sound. Footlocker's limited edition event was fresh and creative and had uniquely provided an exclusive experience like no other.

#5 Take us to your core and offer us the most precious expression of yourself

Without a doubt, it is harder to execute a truly mouth-dropping and awe-inspiring limited edition experience through pure packaging or brand design - however, it is possible! The limited edition resurgence is all about investing in intense and fulfilling experiences that visualizes a new brand future.

It’s now up to you to be looking for new ways to be intense, inspired and transparent to your customers. Liberate your brand, don't limit it.



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