Is Your Packaging Getting Social Validation?

As we embark on an age of packaging innovation, established industries and businesses are being challenged to keep up with a fast-changing world of packaging trends.

A key force that is driving this phenomenon is “social validation”

According to Forbes, social validation is the psychological phenomenon where one or more passive individuals follow or conform to the actions of others within a group. In other words, the term “social validation” is the behaviour where people copy what others do.

The need to understand the power of social validation becomes even more relevant, as does the need to encourage positive experiences with the consumer.

So how does your branded packaging get socially validated?

Or perhaps another way to word the question is whether your bag is representing a “social chain reaction”

Social Validation and Packaging

Since 2010, the number of online videos quoting the ‘unboxing experience’ has grown by 800% - thanks to the role that social media plays in the promotion of goods. A packaging or ‘unboxing experience’ that causes a social chain reaction leads to others performing similar behaviours.

If your packaging doesn’t leave an unrivalled first impression and receives negative reviews, others are likely to take a similar action. Vice versa.

For a long time, packaging has been a traditional way to educate and advertise to the potential consumer. As years goes by, perpetual shifts in the world packaging trends goes beyond mere education or advertisement. One of the most important and developing trends in packaging is the ability to leverage the power of emotions. To find out more on the popular design trends of 2017, find out here.

As Neil Patel states: humans are emotional beings that like to feel, and when they do, they want to share this experience with their friends and family on social networks. And this is why many packaging designs thrive.

The more a packaging can trigger emotion, the likelihood of people talking about it increases (causing a social chain reaction!)

And the more people talk about your packaging, whether on Instagram or YouTube etc., the more popular and familiar it gets. And this tactic increases the social validation of your packaging, and your product, in the mind of the consumer.


Social validation will drive the innovation in packaging over the next decade. 

Integrating the latest design trends to your packaging is one of many disruptive forces that work hand-in-hand with the power of creating a social chain reaction. 

If your packaging is socially validated, a lot of your online and offline users will most likely use or switch to your brand.

Stand out, be simple, and trigger emotional engagement.



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