Introducing Our 2017 Finesse Range
After 28 years of designing and crafting packaging for major retail brands and fashion moguls, we've ventured deep into our knowledge bank to develop our highest quality and sustainbly-built range of paper products yet.

We're excited to see that retailers are beginning to reimagine the use of the typical shopping bag, as they acknowledge that it's more than just a method of transportation.

Passionate about packaging, we see it as modern marketing's finest creations—a masterpiece which extends far beyond the representation of a brand, almost becoming a fashionistic addition to outfits and style.

Combining our tremendous depth of experience of the industry and unmatched knowledge of the industry, we’re excited to announce the release of our 2017 Finesse Paper Bags, as part of our entirely new 'Exclusive Range'.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Our 2017 Finesse Range has linearly-embossing for that luxury, modern and contemporary feel; to leave a powerful and memorable first impression.
  • Made with 250gsm kraft board, our bags are built to be strong, rigid and of high quality.
  • Finished with sophisticated Cotton Twill Handles; the new range will provide comfort and resilience in transport for your customers
  • In accompaniment to the Finesse Range, our Exclusive Range complements the bags further, with a fitting variety of Tissue Paper, Ribbons and Pillow Packs

Compact, structured and detailed; our new line of Finesse Bags and the Exclusive Range will deliver confidence and satisfaction to your customers with ease.



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