3 Principles To Effectively Market Millennials

Why are the millennials becoming increasingly important for marketers?

Unlike the Baby Boomers and Gen X, millennials (otherwise known as ‘Gen Y’) are the generational cohort that were the first to come into the age of digital technology and social media. They are born between 1981 and 2000; and as of 2016, they are between the ages of 16 and 35 years old.

In the US, Millennials account for 92 million people, accumulating as the largest generational group; compared to 61 million Generation X’ers and 77 million Baby Boomers. In Australia, millennials comprise of over 20% of the population - which means 4.2 million Australians belong to Gen Y. Today, there is now an urge for marketers to elevate their focus on the behaviour and motivation of the Australian Millennial consumers.

To effectively market to the generation of Millennials, here are three principles that will leverage your Retail Packaging to become attractive to the greater generational demographic.

#1 Be authentic and transparent

Millennials are skeptical. They can see through the inauthentic attempts of brands, the 'hip' and 'trendy' marketing efforts and the youth slang. A successful principle to build and retain trust with your millennial consumers is to leverage your brand history in your packaging to create nostalgia and 'humanising' your brand by showcasing 'real customers' in your marketing efforts (social media, TV advertisements etc). An example of nostalgic authenticity can be seen in our previous article 'Top 6 Trends In Packaging Design'.

#2 Smartly leveraging your brand through digital content and social media

The #digitalage has brought the millennial community closer to each other than ever before. They are heavy users of smart phones and digital technology, so it is no doubt that they are avid users of social media and are easily displeased the clutter of branded ads on YouTube. However, coming into a day and age where millennials are becoming more passive towards content, poses a threat to companies alike.

Extend your efforts beyond your chosen medium, and create highly relevant content and conversation. Hash-tags and QR codes are highly interactive methods in creating a community of Millennials for your brand in the form of packaging. It provides a source of engagement for your consumers to interact with your brand and to share with their peers.

#3 Communicate a higher brand purpose

Your brand purpose is essentially your reason for being and the benefit you bring to the world. Millennials gravitate towards brands that allow for customisation and those that practise social responsibility. As a result, millennials are influenced by these practices in their decision-making and the likelihood that they are willing to recommend your brand to other people.

Make sure your social ideals are relevant and ultimately aligned to every point of customer-facing touch points - especially your packaging. Be sincere, humble and socially responsible in your tone and always give your millennial consumers the opportunity to actively contribute to the nominated cause for your brand (eg. environmentally-friendly packaging)

To find out more on how you can better market to Millennials, we recommend you read How To Market Effectively To Millennials by WARC.

These unique characteristics and qualities of the millennials are a call-for-action for marketers; the demand for creative, innovative and new ideas is rapidly growing and it is essential that your retail packaging is able to adjust to the given Millennial-specific insights. Give us a call on 1300 850 101 today for a free chat about your retail packaging and how we can help. 



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