How Brand Storytelling Sells More [Infographic]

Stories not only move people, they move products.

Storytelling is a powerful tool to convey not only the passion that goes behind the products made, but the countless narratives that build a brand's structure, presence and identity.

From our early years of growing up, stories are shared amongst others as part of human-to-human communication to build emotional relationships and create rapport. Companies that are outspoken of their story humanises their brand; sparking emotional triggers, rather than logical ones, that customers genuinely value.

To show us how the magic of storytelling affects business sales, Origin created a series of experiments in which consumers were shown items paired with either standard descriptions or more detailed stories. 

"Every time the product that had a story pulled in more money than the same product without one," said Ilya Vedrashko, SVP and Director of Research at Hill Holliday's consumer research arm, Origin "That's a lift on no additional investment."




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