Design Of The Week - Woopido

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design – and we’re talking about time-travelling right back to the classic retro-era of the 1950’s.

TIMES Branding brings to life the vibrant illustrations of vintage pin-up girls in their modern and vintage take of branding for a baked-goods company.

The company is called Woopido, which resides in Russia as a chain of mobile cafes redesigned as American retro vans of the 50s.

"The unique deserts are baked there are very tasty and low fat at the same time. The main heroes of a brand are tasty pin-up girls, who are telling us about the product in their own flirty way: "I'm crazy about his tenderness!", "My sweet other half is always with me!", "Light and easy way to win my heart!" 

Woopido encourages an indulgence in a little nostalgia with a theme that withstands the sands of time. The design speaks to the nostalgic-seekers that yearn for perceived authenticity, and the love of things that are artisanal.

At a time where millennials are growing skeptical of ingredients and the operations of organizations, playing on the feel of ‘nostalgia’ elicits positive responses of true authenticity and a degree of personalisation.

Perhaps, it reminds consumers of a time when ‘things were a lot simpler’...

With an assumption that companies (like Woopido) directly aim their marketing activities and packaging decisions towards people aged between their 20's and 30's, there is a sparking interest that triggers amongst many customers alike when nostalgia is creatively mixed with the use of modern technologies and pop culture. 



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