Design Of The Week: 'wich

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design.

Eating food should be an experience. Gone are the days of dull packaging that makes food look like a 'necessity' rather than a luxury. Wich has proved to us that sandwiches need their well-deserved, edible recognition.

"It offers a unique variety of gourmet sandwiches to suit customers’ varying tastes and appetites over the course of the day. Homemade soups, freshly prepared salads, delicate espresso drinks and fine wine by glass are also served to complement the ‘wich experience. It is simply sumptuous works of art: a delight to customers’ eyes and taste buds."

Designed by Ken Lo (BLOW agency) in Hong Kong, Lo is surrounded by many different cultures and styles that shape the way he sees and thinks, with digital media as one of the main influences on his way of thinking.

Lo utilises a central black theme as opposed to Kraft to embed a stand-alone luxury in the non-conventional take in Sandwich Packaging. 

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