Design Of The Week - Toss Gourmet Pizza

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design – so why not in the form of crispy crusts, tomato sauce, and melted cheese? Yes, we're talking about pizza. Lots and lots of pizza. And we think that there's no better packaging than a cheesy pizza packaging - so you won't want to miss this!

Designed by Yinan Wang, Toss Gourmet Pizza was created as a Student Project (yes, we are disheartened to say this) to pioneer the future of pizza packaging. Pizza-loving customers can freely choose the quantity and flavours of their desired pizza in eight amazingly single slices pizza boxes of joy.

Research tell us that pizza boxes fail to meet the average pizza lover’s needs and expectations. The Toss Pizza box is just the solution.

The graphics and colour palette is everything you expect it to be - red, yellow and orange - in scattered geometric shapes to serve as a bold symbol of the warm slices of goodness.

The Toss Pizza box comes with a detachable holder to solve our problem of greasy hands, and stacks up perfectly on top of one another. The boxes even have nutritional information on the base (something we would be perfectly fine without, though!). However, aside from its compelling design, the Toss Pizza box is set to be an innovative and engineering success to win the hearts of all Pizza lovers, like ourselves.

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