Design Of The Week - Toro Restuarant
Everything unimaginable can immerse from the Packaging Design –  can 'fiesta' really be numbed down to simplicity? Well,Toro is not your average Spanish cuisine. Designed by Futura, Toro thrives on the elements of Spanish culture to inspire their brand identity; however, they are hoping to redefine and distinguish themselves from their fellow Spanish restaurant neighbours by taking on a modern twist.

"Since this is not a traditional Spanish restaurant for old tourists, this is a cool place for people who want to have a great time, while having access to amazing food and great wine.”

When we think of the word 'fiesta', we often associate with bright and playful colours that compliment the celebration of the many iconic festivals held in Spain. Toro deliberately chose the colours black and white to paint a picturesque of the restaurant experience rather than the food they offer.

The gold foiling of its brand logo and the Picasso drawings adds a notorious flair to its custom packaging bags, mildly contrasting to the black and white canvas to abandon the traditional image of Spanish culture and emphasise a robust expression of art and contemporary Spain.

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All images are credited to Futura



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