Design Of The Week - The Vault

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design - on the emergence of fitness culture, The Vault introduces an exclusive and tactile embrace on the movement of core-strength and cross-fit training to help take your game up to new levels.

Croatian born designer, Josip Kelava, produced an exquisite 'All-Black' Packaging Design ensemble for The Vault, an underground fitness gym specialising in core strength and Cross-fit training.

Are you a trainer dedicated in improving your strengths and weaknesses in high-intensity body weight training and weightlifting? Well, this is definitely the place for you.

Located in Toowoomba, Queensland, The Vault inspires those in training to unlock their potential - whereby Kelava was set to reimagine their branding identity to achieve just this.

"I wanted to create movement within the posters as a representation of various workout areas and their level of intensity."

The Vault's packaging design is lively and definitely functional.

To underline the brand's unique point of difference, Kelava chose to elevate its branding identity to one that was powerful, full of attitude, and encouraged high levels of motivation.

Embedding an effortlessly stylish "All Black Everything" colour scheme to its packaging, the typography creates the illusion of a 'cross-fit workout board'; a style that mimics the ability to ‘cross off’ a workout when completed.

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