Design Of The Week: The Dough Collective

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design.

Dough Collective believes good things take time. For them, it's the perfect dough, and the perfect packaging for their soft, chewy and flavoursome bread.

Designed by The Creative Method, a team of creative thinkers gathered together to refurbish the Dough Collective brand. They've brought elements from both the old and the new, to create something iconic. Something that was able to capture the uniqueness of the bakery that was premium, but also accessible. 

The Creative Method balances a strong concept that combines Asian and Western elements with a compelling stylistic character and clear communicative intention that appropriately plays with form, a bold orange colour, and layout. 

The result: a premium, but inviting bakery that's stylish and innovative, with a visual identity that is crafted to the modern consumer.

To achieve its strong, crafted visual expression on its packaging, The Dough Collective uses The Caretta. The flat handles creates an elegant finish, whilst ensuring stability and comfort in ones hand. An Australian first, The Caretta is pioneered to leave an ever-lasting impression; combining superior quality and environmental sustainability into a package that complements the quality of the baked goods within.


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