Design Of The Week - TARELKA

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design - here, Tarelka celebrates an abstract take on its Food Market brand by embracing the infamous 'dusty pink' trend in all its calming, picturesque glory.

With an abundance of creative energy, the team at Bureau Bumblebee is passionate about creating inspiring and jaw-dropping designs.

This branding project was created for a food market in Russa called Tarelka, who believed 'healthy' was much more than what meets the naked eye.

It goes beyond good for you, to also encompass the greater good. Whether you're hungry for better, or simply food-curious, we offer a place for you to shop where value is inseparable from values.

When you choose Tarelka food market you’re helping more than yourself. You’re supporting farmers and producers who work hard to meet the standards because they believe in good health, quality and sustainability.

While portraying an amazing brand story, Bureau Bumblebee differentiated Tarelka's approach to brand colours.

For many designers, finding the right colours for your brand is a challenging task faced on a daily basis. Bureau Bumblebee positioned the unique branding concept with the most ubiquitous colours in graphic design - muted pastel colours.

Tossing aside your expected "grocer" greens, Tarelka instead embraces a 'dusty pink' (otherwise known as the 'Rose Quartz') as a versatile neutral. Layered from tone-on-tone, Bureau Bumblebee utilises a flexible color scheme and modern typeface that adds just enough interest to intrigue the customer to explore further into the Tarelka brand.

Read more about Rose Quartz here!

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