Design Of The Week - Talor&Jørgen

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design – at Gispac, we love brand story-telling. Norwegian speciality coffee roastery and coffee subscription service, Talor&Jørgen, injects the magic of storytelling into their packaging design.

The way that brands tell their stories have drastically changed over the years. This revolutionary shift in culture and marketing conveys and embeds an invaluable and authentic story into the mind of consumers and business owners alike.

“We are all storytellers. We all live in a network of stories. There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling.” - Jimmy Neil Smith

Designed by Oslo-based graphic design studio Bielke & YangTalor&Jørgen's packaging is nothing short of unique and, well, unexpected.

The packaging is developed to make speciality coffee far more accessible in the Norwegian market. Thus, Bielke & Yang created small and robust pillow packs that holds 250g to accommodate to the subscribers drinking habits.

Iconic to Talor&Jørgen's packaging is its use of storytelling through character illustration and graphics. Collaborating with London-based Janne Iivonen, Talor&Jørgen sought for an identity that would draw its flavour profile to the forefront of its brand, whilst also conveying a lively and companionable personality that coffee-lovers could warmly relate with.

Janne Iivonen excites our visual interest through the fun and optimistic illustrations that showcase everyday situations inspired by the people and life around him. Brought together are the shared coffee-drinking experiences and celebrations of togetherness in colourful, light tones to add an element of memorability and visual freshness to the product.

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