Design Of The Week - Sommos

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design – it's Wine-O-Clock in the Netherlands with Summos, a subscription service that delivers the finest selection of Netherlands' best.

For many, some of our guilty pleasures are washed down with a glass of wine to stimulate feelings of relaxation and comfort.

Designed by Muchoa graphic design studio, Sommos was the perfect opportunity to showcase their creative potential through brand identity and packaging. The graphic design studio visualised Sommos as a brand that was youthful and contemporary, stirring away from the 'darker toned' and traditional typographical stigma that was attached to ordinary Wine Packaging. 

Embossed into their subscription boxes, business cards and tissue paper, Mucho focused on light and contemporary colours with a clever use of pastels and gold ink to symbolise a collection of unique, individual qualities of character.

From the logotype to the textured, cheerful brush strokes, the design delivers on Sommos' concept of innovation and their curated nature of content, service and their sommeliers. 

Sommos is no longer a corporate endeavour; instead, it is an expression of individual taste, and bright, defining personality.

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All Images Credited to Mucho



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