Design Of The Week: Reuben Hills

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design – with Russell Beard's passion and desire to make coffee approachable, Reuben Hills was born.

Located in Surry Hills, coffee roastry Reuben Hills attracted a diverse and vibrant community of students, professionals and ‘hipsters’ with their classic twists of delicious menu items and their exquisite talent in coffee-making.

As beans from new regions make their way to the roaster upstairs, flavours inspired by these same regions make their way onto the menu, including dishes from all over Central and South America and Africa.  

Hidden away on Albion Street, Reuben Hills is a large, industrial, ‘warehouse-esque’ space surrounded by bricks, wooden beams, tiles and soaring ceilings. Designed by multidisciplinary creative studio Luke Brown, the café’s identity emits a modern, but welcoming atmosphere through monochromatic colour palettes and a clever mix of vintage photographs that educate customers on the regional history and traditional values of their contemporary services.

The simple, tall and heavy-weight sans serif logotype communicates a sense of knowledge and experience of the Reuben Hill family; which is then infused with the diverse and lively breezes of the Surry Hill area.

With a strong café competition amongst the streets of Surry Hills, Reuben Hills remains incontestable with its warehouse-chic look that radiates a clean, but dimensional space that is local, personal and professional.

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