Design Of The Week:  PINTXO PANTXO

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design - so let us help you rediscover how you can transform your dream take-away packaging into a visual reality.

Ever thought of the best way to deliver home-made snacks to your customers? PINTXO PANTXO shows us one magical way to do so.

PINTXO PANTXO was derived from a popular Catalan children's song, with a lot of its minimalist and simplistic design rich of typical expressions of Catalan.

The gourmet and traditional packaging design spreads a neutral yet effective tone which offers a unique texture through the use of 'farella catalan tissue'.

We believe that your food packaging should be just as exquisite as the food that you offer, which is why we think PINTXO PANTXO demonstrates one of the most appetizing images through its modern and traditional take on graphics.

Give your idea for great packaging a shot, you'll never know how easy it is to bring it to life!

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