Design Of The Week: Penta Cafe

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design.

Now more than ever, pink has become an even greater phenomenon in retail, fashion and now, hospitality. 

Located in Melbourne, a visit to Penta Cafe was nothing short of wonderful. It's a small cafe with a distinctive façade, and a design that leverages the new power of pink. A natural mood enhancer, the imbuing of pink palettes to their packaging and their website takes the Melbourne cafe scene to a whole other level.

Designed by Pop & Pac, Penta Cafe's branding identity and packaging convey the spirit behind the development and the emerging culture of the Melbourne cafe scene. And like the lively Melbourne food culture, the use of 'pink' is symbolic of the current age that we live in. A reflection of popular culture, 'Going Nude' became one of the biggest, influential trends that dominated fashion editorials, textile design and now, cafe packaging.

The creative response sort to soften the harsh masculine interiors with a soft feminine approach to the brand identity and collateral design.

The pattern work is also a real highlight. 

Penta Cafe works to make a literal connection between the packaging, website, and the interior and exterior of the cafe (the pattern is even on the bathroom signs!)

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