Design Of The Week: Moomin

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design – there are many ways that books can come to life for people around the world; but not as charming, distinct and playful as Moomins illustrative packaging series.

You might be wondering... who are the Moomins?

Moomins are Swedish cartoon characters famously known for their books, comic strips and television series in Sweden and Finland. If this wasn't enough already, a theme park dedicated to the Moomins can be found on the Finnish island of Kailo - called Moomin World!

Now well-established, Moomins are an international brand with an increasing license-based product portfolio across multiple categories. So, it was without doubt that Bond (Finnish graphic design studio) was excited to develop and revitalise their packaging for Moomin across their stores.

The Moomins have been around since 1945 to 1993. Adhering to its sentimental value, The Moomin Shop plays well with its heritage, whereby their Brown Kraft retail bags showcase an intricate, fine line detail and shading of The Moomin's illustration in black ink.

For a more youthful energy, the stickers, wrappings and ribbons add a bright, contemporary shot of colour to the traditional cartoon characters for a flourishing finish. 

From the typography, to the carefully chosen illustrations and structural design, Bond successfully brings focus back to Tove Jansson's original series of books and his artwork.

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