Design Of The Week: Liefje

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design – the new era of Canadian maple syrup sweetened chocolate has begun. Handcrafted in Victoria, Liefje chocolates has become the new guilty craving for something delicious, luxurious and virtuous.

Liefje (pronounced as ‘leef-yuh’) is a Dutch term that refers to ‘sweet heart’— because, in fact, Liefje shows us a love for chocolate that we’ve never seen; in a sweeter, and more natural way.

Passionate about the quality of their chocolate and its origins, Liefje created a chocolate rich with natural ingredients and the finest fairly-traded Peruvian organic raw cacao (which means it’s packed with natural antioxidants!)

From Almond Brittle, Smoked Salt, to the exotic flavours Pomegranate and Pepperberry - what’s not to love?

“Traditionally tempered to give you the lovely glossy finish, the clearly defined snap when you break off a piece and the slow velvety melt-in-the-mouth of really good chocolate; with no dairy, no gluten and no cane sugar

We decided to create a chocolate which tastes as decadent as the best, without the old-school sugar spike and using only fairly traded raw cacao, so we can indulge in a little luxury knowing our bodies will thank us for it and the growers have been properly paid for their labours”

British artist Kate Arnold worked with Liefje on its packaging identity. Across its beautiful Kraft packaging are a series of unique and raw ink illustrations that match the exotic flavours of the Liefje luxury chocolate range.  

Inspired by the 17th century Dutch botanical drawings, the illustrations were printed with natural vegetable inks on 100% recyclable Buffalo board to keep its environmental impact to its minimum.

With its brand name embossed in Gold Foiling on the front of their chocolate bar, we know that Liefje is luxurious. But, ‘responsible luxurious’ – and this is what makes Liefje a delicious indulgence.

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