Design Of The Week: Lazy Su

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design.

Tucked away in the little laneways of Braddon, Canberra, is your not-so-ordinary Asian eating house; designed for the rebellious, the lively and the upbeat during the daytime and in the spur of the night.

Written on the walls is the Japanese proverb “Kill Two Birds with One Stone”, symbolising Lazy Su’s concept of finding common ground between being a bar and restaurant. Whether you’re after a schooner of beer, or a five-person dinner reservation – Lazy Su welcomes you.

Designed by BrandWorks, the concept of Lazy Su displayed a vision that we’ve rarely seen in the dining and bar scene of Canberra. It was an exploration and unique combination of the 80-90’s American-Japanese-Korean pop culture, Asian-fusion eating houses, and late night whisky, sake and cocktail extravaganza.

The Lazy Su branding adopts strong, contemporary urban influences from the streets of Korea and Japan; noticed through the aesthetics of their menu, the interior and packaging design so that the customer journey into Lazy Su was to ‘discover first, ask questions later’

The neon, LED backlight-inspired colour choice imprinted across the Lazy Su brand sparks (literally) an element of interest and contrasting quirk that creates a mesmerising-effect on the average food-go-getter and the curious-minded. 

Each area inside was designated anactivation’, from the main entry to the signature bar, counter dining and booth seating […] Each activation was design to be highly functional, instagrammable and demonstrate a return on investment - i.e: the bar features a unique Tetris light box menu arrangement with popular asian drinks to educate and assist in ordering.

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