Design Of The Week: Hero

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design.

Hero brings its New York-Inspired culture and unmatched swagger to Hardware Lane, Melbourne. Especially admired for its unique aesthetic and attitude, Hero embodies a character that no usual purveyor of rolls and sub-sandwiches can flaunt off. 

Now that handwritten fonts are becoming more popular than ever, Hero’s packaging design and interior incorporates a contemporary-flowing typeface with a casual handwritten feel that enhances their strong and youthful personality.

With a desire to become contemporary and inclusive, design studio BrandWorks drew inspiration from a diversity of sub cultures and designed its brand identity, interior and packaging around sneaker collectors, hip hop DJs, MCs and NBA basketball players. Through its modern and creative approach, ‘Melbournians’ are invited to participate in not just the flavourful experience, but in photo opportunities with their unique store aesthetic to share on social media.


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