Design Of The Week -  Glazed Bun

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design – and "it all starts with a bun and a generous amount of glaze"

"Tradition is our mentor, design is our creed"  - Studio AIO

Studio AIO, a design studio based in Kuwait, was assigned to craft a brand-propelling story to stimulate feelings of excitement for the local bakery - 'Glazed Bun'. With its mission to reawaken all aspects of their branding (such as their logo and packaging), Studio AIO orchestrated a majority of their design efforts to modernise the personal, and home-made appeal that Glazed Bun prided itself on.

The Glazed bunny rabbit mascot was inspired by the word 'bun'.

The lively theme paints an incredible atmosphere rich with warm, pastel colours and entertaining, positive hand-written messages to entice starving, glaze-craving customers into the bakery.

The burst of pastels reflect a mellowing trend in the industry. Although they seem 'mute' in tone, they are full of plentiful impact.

Soft can still be equally as strong.

The Glazed Bun embraces their soft and muted tones of pastels to create a modern and whimsical brand identity that customers can immediately differentiate with other local bakery's; thus, create a contemporary and 'personalised' aura to their brand.

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