Design Of The Week: Gelatissimo

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design.

Whether you like our gelato big or chunky, Gelatissimo has it all.

And without question, Australian's love their ice-cream.

As part of the Gelatissmo rebrand project we were tasked with developing a new range of packaging that was fun, engaging and created a sense of family.

EMedia Creative wanted to make Gelatissimo's packaging as memorable as their authentic flavours. The bold red and white stripes, complimented with their fun colour palettes and patterns is what truly sets Gelatissimo apart from the rest. 

The Australian summer is almost here and ice cream is one of those things that can instantly make us happy. 

A lot of the design elements of their packaging, from coffee cups to gelato pack wraps, all talk to each other. Collectively working as a family, EMedia Creative wanted to create for Gelatissimo a themed-packaging that allowed for its personality to shine through. 

We’ve amplified the key characteristics of the brand to celebrate what it means to have fun.

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