Design Of The Week - Cocolux

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design – so let us adventure into a world where design and luxury meets Mother Nature.

Nature is its own masterpiece.

Through nature, Cocolux Australia perfectly match-makes coconut wax and copper to a beautifully crafted scented candle. 

Founder and Creative Director Meisha Strykowski envisioned a collection of candles that were earth friendly and organic by nature. The coconut wax is made by cold-pressing and hydrogenating its raw material – the protected coconut flesh.

Whilst creating positive change, Cocolux designed their exterior vessels with purpose. The pure, solid copper-coat is not only mesmerizing, but naturally crafted from raw materials to showcase its innovative, and aesthetically alluring packaging design.

An anticipated effect of the ornamental candles is the encouragement of re-use.

The copper vessel was designed with purpose to be re-used as vase, container or planter. Stunning in the home, polished or verdigris –copper’s oxidised, natural patina, copper’s glamorous lustre will add a little ‘lux’ to any stylish interior.

Strykowski has created a brand that illustrates great attention to detail, and one that prides itself on unique propositions at every level.

With an inspirational and luxurious brand positioning, Cocolux candles are truly a glamourous gift from nature that will last a lifetime.

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