Design Of The Week: BITE Bakery

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design.

Located in the heart of Budapest, you’ll be able to smell the luring aromas of unearthly pastries that take you back to your early childhood memories. Bite Bakery occupies the corner of a downtown street near Nyugati Railway Terminal; so, you can imagine how heavenly it would be for a customer to almost instantly smell freshly cooked bread rolls straight out of the train station.

It’s also fair to say that Bite Bakery isn’t your ordinary bakery.

Designed by Zsófi Dobos (interior design and architecture) and Eszter Laki (graphic design and branding), the goal for Bite Bakery was to flourish as a brand that could create a clean, homogenous experience, whilst also evoking nostalgia in the scent of their pastries. From the design of interior, to their packaging, the visual identity is formed through monochromatic colours for a contemporary and modern feel; something you don’t really get at your average bakery. Instead, it was a deliberate choice of colour so that it won’t divert the attention from its bakery products.

What we love about this design is the quirky pictograms of pastries and ingredients on their takeaway packaging, and on the window side of their interior. A bespoke feature to their visual identity, Bite Bakery gives regular street goers pastries that will enlighten their taste buds, inside of a takeaway packaging that is destined to make an everlasting impression.


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