Design Of The Week – Arepa

The unimaginable can immerse from the world of Packaging Design – and today, it seems like the take-away food industry may be the leaders driving the interactive packaging trend. The winning combination of quirky humour, total convenience and arepas (a traditional Venezuelan and Columbian dish) perfectly resonates with the young audience who never have time to eat, and are always on the hunt for the next ‘trendy’ movement.

Designed by Diego Frayle & Duriana Rodríguez, Arepa’ introduces a playful and ground-breaking system of packaging to win the hearts of their young target market – embracing with open arms the gift of delicious, traditional and emblematic food that Venezuela and Columbia had inevitably brought to the world.

Arepa’ remarkably captures the imaginations of both the designers and the consumers alike, plastering modern, bold bubble-like fonts across their packaging to bring out the inner liveliness of the brand personality and their customers.

The cheerful tones of colour scheme highlights the humourous graphics of characters that represent the names given to the different types of arepas; from which are identified by their specific origin and the variety of ingredients.

And talk about convenience! Featured in their design profile are a series of folded cardboard packaging without adhesive, manually assembled for easy transportation and consumption of the product. If you ask us, we think Arepa’ deserves our Design of The Week; and possibly a plane ticket to Venezuela or Columbia could be our next destination…

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