Why Your Business Is Losing Interest

Shopping Bags; they’re everywhere.


From being tightly grasped by their new and proud owners, to being well-received as a re-gift for a child’s birthday; the life of a shopping bag as a critical marketing tool begins as soon as your customer leaves your store. The days of merely using bags for transportation are over, as businesses finally start to focus on the post-purchase journey and out-of-store experience of their customers.


So if your bag isn’t creating any interest within the retail environment, there’s a good chance current and potential customers are losing interest in you.


Keeping Customers


It’s a known fact in business that it is easier to retain customers who have previously shopped with you than attracting brand new customers. However, gaining that customer loyalty to encourage repeat purchasing is no simple caveat either, particularly when businesses fall into the trap of trying to ‘get the sale’ rather than analysing the entire shopping experience, which requires both an in-store and out-of-store focus. As a result, businesses attempt to find the most affordable carry bag to place their products in which, quite often, is an unbranded, one or no colour bag with little to no branding.


For the buyer, the entire shopping or business experience seemingly ends once their product is bagged. For potential customers walking past the aforementioned buyer, this means next to no interest is developed due to the lack of company branding and information, nothing to hint or suggest what may be inside the bag, and more importantly, no real attraction to encourage a visit to your store. While affordability places a strong influence on your decision to select the right packaging, your business may be missing the opportunity to re-attract individuals who have previously shopped with your brand.


Understanding the Out-of-Store Experience


There’s a great chance that you or a family member have a few shopping bags lying around at home. Other than a potentially serious case of hoarding, it is clear that these bags didn’t warrant disposal, since the quality, attractiveness and usefulness of these bags could encourage further use when it comes to last minute birthday gifting or to spur a proud purchase memory to tell at the next family Barbeque. Whatever your reason may be for keeping the bags, it is extremely likely that your customers think in a similar fashion when it comes to keeping quality customised bags.


Furthermore, if the design of your customised bag encapsulates the in-store experience, such as the decor, the trendy colour palette or a meaningful brand graphic; the positive in-store experience you constantly strive for creates an ongoing, memorable experience throughout the customer’s post-purchase journey and beyond. Incorporating an attractive shopping bag as part of your customer experience strategy will make sure you’re on the right track towards improving brand loyalty and encouraging re-purchasing.


How to get noticed


Lastly and in addition to enhancing your customer’s overall shopping experience, an attractive and engaging bag provides significant exposure to anyone in the vicinity of the person carrying the bag. As mentioned previously, shopping bags are everywhere, and the bags which are the most unique, creative or highlight a feature of the product encompassed within, spark the most interest and get noticed. In fact, by delivering a bag that is designed to stand out, your business is inadvertently recruiting brand ambassadors, who will unintentionally promote your business or product to great effect as they stroll through a shopping centre and beyond.


Need inspiration on how you can make the most of your custom shopping bag? Have a look at some of these amazing shopping bags and give us a call for a free quote to see how we can visually enhance your retail brand.


In conclusion, your shopping bag has the ability to enhance your customer’s shopping experience, boost customer loyalty and retention, and can infinitely generate valuable exposure for, and interest in, your business. It is one of the most important yet undervalued tools when it comes to retail marketing, and can set your brand apart in our growingly challenging retail marketplace.


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