Branding Inspiration Of The Month: October
Nothing thrills us more than seeing a whole brand come together across multiple pieces of packaging and in-store touch points. Here’s what’s inspiring us this month.

If we were to describe Britain in one word, it would be breathtaking. 

And we're not just talking about the cities. In the UK, creativity thrives; and it has inevitably shaped the way that branding design has been viewed in an international scope. 

Graphic Design Studio Salad had the opportunity to reinvigorate the identity for packaging solutions company Classic Bag to showcase their 'innovative and exclusive' retail bag concepts called 'BritBag'.

“The British made bag, which is made in a completely new way, offers versatile size options, a reduction in paper and a construction method which allows for a lighter paper weight. Allowing for less waste and noteworthy cost savings. In keeping with the 2012 patriotic revival, the brand name ‘BritBag’ was conceived. We then set about creating an identity and series of bag designs which would showcase the product and position it in the mid to upper high street fashion brand arena.” – Salad

Pro tip: Coming up with concept designs allows you to make sure that your product and packaging is innovative, unique and marketable. Additionally, it will also help you determine whether you can manufacture them and how much it would cost to manufacture. 

What really stands out about BritBag is their illustrated pattern work that plays with the idea of 'Britishness'. Through their bold sans-serif logo type, limited colour palette Salad provided a solution that mixes the playful and iconic statements that makes Britain who they are. 

Britbag's visual identity is spread amongst a collection of four thematic and uniquely-designed paper bags that draws on the stereotypical high street fashion of Britain.

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Images Credit: Salad



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