Branding Inspiration Of The Month: March

Nothing thrills us more than seeing a whole brand come together across multiple pieces of packaging and in-store touch points. Here’s what’s inspiring us this month.

A taste for French-Inspired desserts in Australia is booming in luxury dessert cafes and patisseries; especially in South Melbourne, in a warehouse-turned-café called Bibelot (pronounced “bib-loh”)

Desserts are making waves on Coventry Street; renowned as the boutique streetscape and food scenery of South Melbourne. Here, Bibelot entices crowds young and old, through beautifully-packaged and crafted gourmet gifts, such as macarons, handcrafted bonbons, biscuits and house-made gelato.

Bibelot provides a unique brand experience not only through its mouth-watering desserts but by creating an environment that is inspiring, relaxing, and engaging.

The dessert bar (which is also a patisserie, gelataria, coffee bar, chocolate shop and high tea salon!) opens truly experiential physical brand touchpoints by staying true to its European roots. From beautifully-crafted recycled timber floors, to its elaborate interior of art-deco-influenced mosaics; Bibelot emphasises every detail to align with its brand ethos – intricate, opulent and careful craftmanship.

Pro Tip: ‘Ethos’ describes who we are and what we stand for. A brand ethos is the connection between the brand itself, and to its audience. As humans, we tend to side with brands that matches our values, personality and behaviour. A strong brand ethos communicates authenticity – so the more authentic we appear to be, the more trusted we are as a brand, and as a person.


The contemporary-driven choice of white and black matched with classic mosaics, aligns perfectly with Bibelot's geometry-inspired interior design. This is an exceptional example of a well-thought-out and executed brand identity.

We love how Bibelot is consistent with their design not only with their divine desserts and exquisite interior, but in its bold, custom sans-serif typography and monochromatic, geometric patterns embossed across its packaging.

An excellent finish to flavour, the packaging communicates an effective sense of quality and luxury through weighty black boards, and a gold foil print finish layer on their dessert boxes.

Focusing on combining high quality ingredients, delicate flavours, and showcasing an attention-to-detail on its product and its packaging, the Bibelot experience is a ‘treat to satisfy each and every sweet tooth’.

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All images are credited to A Friend Of Mine


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