Branding Inspiration of the Month: July

Nothing thrills us more than seeing a whole brand come together across multiple pieces of packaging and in-store touch points. Here’s what’s inspiring us this month.

Play City
is the destination of every child’s living dream; it’s the only place in Yerevan, Armenia where there is a non-stop indulgence of endless fun. From go-karting, bowling, paintball, bumper cars and many more, Backbone Branding did not fail to impress us with its successful re-branding of a new spirit; an uplifting atmosphere of vibrant and bright colours to capture pure entertainment.

Backbone Branding’s hard work has not gone unnoticed, showcasing a redesign and new identity that truly defines the colourful and picturesque experience of an inner child’s happiness.

Pro Tip: Strive take your brand to the next level. The use of a colourful palette is an innovative way to make your brand more noticeable, fun and memorable. Always remember to think about the personality of your brand and define its persona; incorporating colours which project personality is one surefire way to develop an emotional connection with your target audience.

The utilisation of its vibrant and bright colour palettes is instantly eye-catching and draws onto your undivided attention, almost resembling the prismatic colours of the rainbow. Play City’s brand identity is highly inviting; delivering a sense of excitement, thrill and an ultimate state of euphoria for the young and the old alike. The visualisation of these images, graphics and objects in different activities of Play City’s entertainment is a clear representation of skillful execution which bridges reality and the gaming world together; illustrating lively emotion and feelings of enjoyment.

Its large, bold and simplistic use of block typography is minimal, which highlights the overwhelmingly intrinsic use of the bright colour spectrum. It is outstanding to witness the features which enable the overall dynamics of its packaging to speak for itself. The thematic concept allows Play City to communicate and interact with its customers to provoke positive brand associations and invites brand recognition seamlessly.


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All images are credited to Backbone Branding



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